Man, adulting sucks sometimes. You finish a hard day of work, then realize you have to decide between going to the gym and tackling that huge pile of dishes in the sink. And don't even get us started on all the responsibilities that come with having kids!

No, we're not here to convince you to overhaul your entire life. Even thinking about that is exhausting. Instead, we're offering up some quick and easy routine and planning tweaks that'll make all the difference. Try one, try them all... whatever you decide to do, your life is about to feel way more manageable.

Write a to-do list. A paper one. You'll more easily recall what's on your list, and you'll get a real sense of satisfaction crossing tasks off.

Add hooks to your entryway. When you come home, hang coats, bags, leashes, bike helmets, etc. You'll be relieved that clutter won't be the first thing you see when you get home from a stressful day.

Use multitasking beauty products. Use Lip Glaze on lips and cheeks—it gives skin the most flawless, dewy flush.

Follow the 50/30/20 budgeting rule. 50 percent goes toward your necessary expenses (rent, credit card minimums, utilities, groceries); 30 percent goes toward "unnecessary" stuff (clothes, fun activities, etc.); 20 percent goes toward your financial goals (investing, buying a house, savings, paying down doubt, etc.).

Ditch your phone an hour before bedtime. Turn off the TV, too. You'll be amazed how much better you sleep—and how much more energy you have the next day.

Set monthly goals. New Year's Resolutions rarely work because those big goals seem so daunting. Break it down into monthly chunks instead.

Carry a big water bottle... everywhere. No more excuses to not stay hydrated.

Learn to say no. Put a post-it on your calendar that says something like, "It's okay to say no." Every time you receive an invite you're not absolutely thrilled about, you know what to do. Soon your life will be filled only with events you're psyched about.

Get a crockpot. Yummy food. Minimal effort. 'Nuff said.

Unsubscribe from emails. Those few seconds to read them really add up! Better yet, get one of our favorite apps, Unroll.me, to mass unsubscribe from emails and roll the ones you really care about into one nifty little newsletter.

Try not to trigger-buy. Instead, when you see something you love, write it in a list. If you still want it a week later, it's all yours!

Prep on-the-go makeup. Had a few too many compacts break in your bag? Prep cotton pads with a dose of powder makeup, like Pressed Mineral Foundation, and put them in a baggie. When you're oily, you already have a dose ready.

Commit to meal-prepping. You know it would make your life sooo much easier. Schedule time on Sunday to meal prep for the week and stick to it.

Color-code folders. Having a family inevitably comes with a ton of paperwork. Assign each person a folder color, then subdivide by paper clip color.

Keep a basket in your closet. For real! As you're getting dressed each day, toss anything you haven't worn in awhile in the basket. When the basket is full, go back through and re-assess. Give away anything you're no longer in love with.

Get an automatic coffee pot. Prep it at night, set a brew time, and wake up to fresh coffee, ready to enjoy.

Divvy up your purse products. One bag for makeup, one for kids' essentials, one for tampons... you get the idea.

Take a break to meditate. You'll come back to your work way more productive, even if you only stopped to breathe for 5 or 10 minutes.

Create a chore calendar. Just a few small things per person each day. No more spending Sundays cleaning the entire house!

Set up autopay. For bills, for pet food, for medication, for deodorant, etc.

Turn off the TV. So many people like to have it on in the background, but we promise you're stopping important activities to watch without realizing. It's a major distraction!

Apply skincare on damp skin. Products like H2Glow absorb so much more efficiently and effectively on barely-dried skin.

Shower at night. Make it part of a relaxing way to unwind, rather than a hectic to-do to get through in the morning.

Put your junk drawer in a bag. Didn't need to grab anything from it for a month? Trash it.

Get an auto-feeder for your fur babies and plant babies. They exist... and they can save you a good chunk of time.

August 05, 2020

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