If we could only use one beauty product all summer, we'd definitely choose our Bronzing Powder. It's like an instant complexion perk-up in a pan—minus the sun damage (and, ugh, sunburn) that comes with a real tan. But if you're only using your bronzer to warm up or sculpt your complexion, you're missing out on some serious extra mileage you could be getting from this very versatile product... not to mention a little extra cash in your pocket. Best of all, your routine will continue to benefit once temps drop again, too.


If we had it our way, we'd wake up with a full beat: bronzer, blush, highlighter—the works. But sometimes when you're running out the door, it's just not in the cards. Instead of quickly popping on some blush, though, skip it and use our Perfecting Buffer Brush to hit the apples of your cheeks with a bit of bronzer. It instantly gives an effortless, sunkissed glow.


You use bronzer to shade under your cheekbones and jaw, so why wouldn't it be the perfect product to create depth on your eyelids? Plus, it takes the guesswork out of choosing the ideal crease shade. Just dip the fluffy end of our Shade + Blend Dual-Sided Eyeshadow Brush into your bronzer, and use a windshield wiper motion to blend into your creases.


Your bronzer might be a spot-on match for a natural-looking brow look, especially if you use one that's on the cool-toned side. Smudge the flat shader end of our Shade + Blend Dual-Sided Eyeshadow Brush into your bronzer, then apply to your arches by mimicking hair-like strokes. We like to start with the tail of the brow, which tends to be darker—then use any remaining product on the innermost part of the brow.


People always comment on how big our bronzer pans are. (Sometimes more is more, no?) Take advantage for special occasions by using a big, fluffy brush to apply bronzer from the neck down. Swirl the brush in the pan, then buff underneath your collarbones, on your shoulders, on your decollete, down your arms, and down your legs. Bonus points for slathering on a little Glow + Go Body Oil afterward for the most epic glow.


If your bronzer is a good match for your brows, you'll want to take note here, too. You know all those powders on the market for covering your roots when you can't make it to the salon? Bronzer is a super effective dupe. Like for your brows, use the flat shader end of our Shade + Blend Dual-Sided Eyeshadow Brush to make hair-like strokes anywhere you want to cover grays or create the illusion of fullness.

July 01, 2020

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