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Sometimes it feels like there are a zillion beauty brands to choose from out there, even in the clean and indie beauty categories. But we like to think we're pretty special, and we know our customers do, too. Here's exactly what sets us apart—and why more and more conscious consumers (like you!) are filling their makeup bags with CLOVE + HALLOW every day.

We're a female, pro makeup artist-founded company.

In 2017, Atlanta professional makeup artist Sarah Biggers-Stewart experienced a health crisis that forced her to re-evaluate what she was putting in and on her body. But if her conventional products weren't good enough for her, they weren't good enough for her clients, either. That's when CLOVE + HALLOW was born.

Every time you pick up one of our products, you're not only supporting a female-founded business—you're also treating yourself to products that are high-quality enough to withstand any event or photo shoot. (Translation: They'll stand up to your everyday better than anything else on the market.)

Our clean products perform as well as (or better than!) conventional ones.

We partner with only the top ingredient manufacturers in the United States while formulating in compliance with the EU's stricter safety regulations. And because our founder and CEO is a makeup artist, we have a real-world understanding of how beauty products should perform. What that means when you test-drive our products: shop-stopping, bold colors; buttery pigments with serious color payoff; and all-day wear.

We have the most inclusive shade ranges and prices in clean beauty.

Yes, creating less waste in this world matters. But that should never mean sacrificing shades and, ultimately, leaving people of color out of the conversation. We think most clean beauty brands are doing it wrong by providing complexion products that range from fair to medium, then jacking up the price until the majority of consumers can't afford them. We're committed to providing everyone with safe products that match their skin tone and undertone—at one of the most competitive price points in clean beauty.

We're transparent about ingredients.

Clean beauty has never been more confusing. There are no universally accepted definitions of “clean,” “green,” or “natural” in cosmetics. And just as often as conventional brands pack their products with hazardous ingredients while falsely advertising them as “clean and green”, “natural” companies utilize fear-mongering tactics to scare consumers into purchasing their products—even though many natural ingredients can be just as dangerous as synthetic ones.

That's why we developed our Clean15™ formulation strategy. This standard serves as our formulating guidepost and guarantees that every product we create contains 15 or fewer safe ingredients per base formula—mostly natural, yes, but some safe synthetics. And if you ever have a question about a specific ingredient, you can read more about it in our ingredient glossary or reach out to our customer support team at cs@cloveandhallow.com. We’re here to help!

We put sustainability first.

We've only got one Earth and, unfortunately, personal care products like makeup and skincare are a big part of our pollution problem. Some estimates say they account for a third of all landfill waste!

Just a few ways we're keeping our products out of landfills:

  • Our Pressed Mineral Foundation and Bronzing Powder come in recyclable tins that fit into our Refillable Compact.
  • Our makeup brushes are made from Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood.
  • When you're finished with your Lip Crème, you can pop out the inner aluminum tube and recycle it.
  • Hydratint and Hydraglow come in recyclable glass packaging.
  • All of our outer packaging is recyclable.
  • ...and we're exploring more sustainable packaging and production options every day.

    This is Beauty Without Sacrifice™. Welcome to CLOVE + HALLOW!

    May 18, 2020

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