Spend five minutes on TikTok or in any clothing store, and it's obvious: We're in the midst of a serious 70s revival and 70s makeup is as hot today as it was over 50 years ago! Fleetwood Mac is almost as popular as they were way back when. Groovy floral patterns and earthy orange, yellow, and green colors are trending in fashion and home decor. Curtain bangs and fluffy texture are the hairstyles du jour.

How to Achieve a Fun and Delightfully Wearable 70s Makeup Look

Now it's time to get your 70s makeup up to speed! Check out our 45-second tutorial on how to achieve a perfectly wearable and delightfully fun 70s makeup look, plus the step-by-step and full product details below.

9 Steps to Achieve the Perfect 70s Makeup Style

The "After" Look of the 70s Makeup Style

More 70s Makeup Trends to Try

Love 70s vibes so much, you're ready to make it a regular part of your look? Incorporate these groovy trends into your roster, too. Just don't be surprised if everyone around you starts calling you Stevie Nicks!

Disco-Inspired Glitter

On the one hand, we love the 70s for its earthy tones and folk music. On the other? It's all about the dance floor. Make like 70s queen (and queen of every other decade, really) Cher and rock your favorite hue of shimmer or glitter alllll the way up to your brows, and on your bottom lids too. So your eyes don't get lost amidst all that sparkle, make sure to rim the eyes with eyeliner and add several coats of mascara. Keep the rest of your face neutral: Use a light hand with your blush and swipe on a nude lipstick.

Dramatic Pastels

Are you noticing a trend here? People in the 70s loved some drama. Another trend that's both *super* modern and majorly retro is all pastel, everything. Choose your favorite shade, from baby blue to cloud pink to seafoam green, and work the pigment from your top lash line to just above the creases of your lids. (FYI, we also love this look because there's no extra shading involved past this!) Add eyeliner if you feel so inclined, but definitely amp up lashes with a mascara that separates each and every hair. Now, you have two options when it comes to lips: Keep them bare or really lean into the pastel moment with a frosty pink lip. For real, we know you can pull it off!

Graphic Floral Eyes
Wallflowers need not apply for this bold, attention-grabbing look! Time to lean into your artistic side. Grab a thin eyeliner brush and white gel eyeliner (or any eyeliner hue you want to use here). Dip the brush into the eyeliner and outline a multi-petaled flower shape all the way around one eye—from just below your brow to your inner corner, down to the top of your cheekbone and over to the outer corner. Let the shape dry, then fill it in with either the same color or a different one. Add black liner and mascara on top and bottom lashes to keep your eye from looking lost, then pop on a pink lipstick and faux freckles to take the cuteness level to a 10. (Don't even get us started on what a splash this look will make at the next music festival!)

Monochrome Madness

We've talked about those earthy tones so popular in the 70s already. Turns out, they look pretty stellar all over the entire face. Grab yourself a peachy orange shade that flatters your skin tone—like the orange tone in our Sunrise Pressed Pigment Palette—and start with the eyes. Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to apply the color all over your lids, then blend it upward and out toward the tails of your brows. Add eyeliner and mascara if you're feeling it, but if not, continue to your cheeks. Using a blush brush, apply the pigment to the apples of your cheeks and blend outward toward your temples. (Bonus points for connecting your cheek makeup to your eye makeup—so in right now!) Last but not least, swipe on a peachy lipstick, or mix a little of the pigment you used for your eyes and cheeks with some clear lip balm and apply to lips.

Bold, Black Eyeliner

It's easy to see how punk and goth looks were born from the 70s, too. Just as often as people donned mod or earthy looks, they went for black, moody makeup. Take a page from Brigitte Bardot's book and you'll look smoldering and sexy, not over-the-top or clown-like. Grab your favorite black eyeliner and trace the upper lash line, winging it out dramatically toward the tail of your brow. Next, line your bottom lash line with the same shade. For even more edge, use a dark gray or black eyeshadow all over your eyelid. The key is keeping the pigment from creeping up above your crease, which can take the look from chic to Marilyn Manson real fast. Add mascara, and keep the rest of your face as bare as possible. If you have freckles, let them peek out!

"Clashing" Colors

Forget all the supposedly non-negotiable makeup rules you've heard over the years: Makeup in colors that "clash" were a staple of the 70s, especially for the early punks. Case in point: Debbie Harry. We love the turquoise and red combo she's rocking here. To mimic it, buff a shimmery turquoise shadow onto lids, focusing especially on the inner corners. As always, top with black liner and mascara. Finally, swipe on red lipstick—a blue-based red complements the blue in your eyeshadow. Other fun "clashing" color combos to try: gold and violet, pink and lime, and peach and baby blue.

Frosty and Fab

If you would've told us five years ago that we'd be recommending frosty makeup, we would've called you a liar. But alas, frosty makeup is making a serious comeback, especially since 70s and 90s makeup are both currently en vogue. Make like Diana Ross—this is our life motto, actually—and grab mostly sheer hues and workable, creamy textures. A cool-toned highlighter that flatters your skin will work wonders all over your face. No matter what else you have going on with your makeup, swipe the shade from the crease of your eyelid to your brow bone, on your cheekbones, and on top of whatever lipstick you're wearing. You'll look fresh and dewy (so modern!), but with just a hint of 70s vibes.

(Safely) Sunkissed

We're a bunch of skincare junkies, so you know we'll never tell you to lay out or hit a tanning bed. Still, in the 70s, looking like a sunkissed beach babe was the thing. (Just look at Farah Fawcett!) Use a powder bronzer—the brown shade in our Sunrise Pressed Pigment Palette works too for a darker, more dramatic look—for a bronze look with only benefits. With an angled brush, buff the bronzer under cheekbones, at your hairline, under your jawline, across your nose, and across your collarbones. Don't forget to add blush and highlighter too: Even though you're technically adding more makeup, these products help make a bronze look seem more realistic.

Pair 70s Makeup with Some 70s Styling to Look Extra Chic

We recommend pairing your newly done 70s makeup with some 70s fashion pieces that work today as well as they did over 50 years ago! We love wearing some flare jeans that are super flattering on all figures coupled with a crisp shirt either in print or just in white. During summer time, feel free to add a floppy straw hat to both protect your face from the sun and add a touch of glam to your 70s inspired attire.

Not sure what jewelry to wear? Pair your 70s makeup with large hoop earrings and go for thinner ones to make them more modern while still staying true to the theme.

March 24, 2021

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