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Jordan is a nonbinary model and activist, most notably for the body positivity movement and gender and LGBTQ+ issues.


Define yourself in three words.

Iconic, passionate, alien. I’m also very dependable and a little bit unstable, but working towards emotional regulation <3

How do you use your platform to educate when it comes to gender / LGBTQ+ issues?

I like to show people that being queer doesn’t look just one way. As a fat nonbinary person who presents in all different ways, I think its important to show that the queer community is way more diverse than just thin, white gays. We are so much more than that as a community and we deserve to be seen for who we are. This also means that I have a responsibility to platform Black and brown queer folks as well! I do my best to show my followers that we must always be fighting for our Black trans siblings just as hard (or harder even) than we fight for ourselves! Because nobody will ever be free until we are all liberated.

What are three things you can't live without? (Beauty products can be included, but they don't have to be!)

My angel cat child, Stellaluna; an eyebrow pencil; clippers to trim my undercut.

What prompted you to make the switch to safe makeup brands? As an activist, taking care of the earth is very important to me because social progress and justice will mean nothing if the earth explodes. As a model and actor, one way that I can help with that is making sure that when I’m getting ready for castings and auditions, if I’m wearing makeup that that makeup is made ethically. 

What are your safe makeup and skincare favorites? I love bold colors which aren’t always prominent with clean beauty brands, but Fenty Beauty is a fav brand of mine that’s cruelty and paraben free. I love their Trophy Wife highlighter and Mattemoiselle lipstick in Candy Venom. I also love Milk makeup. Their Kush Lip Balm is amazing and they have great pigments and highlights as well! 

What do you think makes someone a badass? I think that being true to yourself, basking in joy and feeling your emotions fully, and fighting for social justice makes someone a badass.

How did you find your inner badass? It took a long time! I grew up fighting for other people. Prioritizing the safety and comfort of others has always been a huge value for me, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that the only way I can make that happen is to love and fight for myself too. In reaching that balance I can be my most effective self and that makes me a badass. 

What's the last song you listened to?

Needed Me by Rihanna.

Quick! You have five minutes to get ready to go out. What do you do with your makeup?

Give Stellaluna some love, brush my teeth, do my eyebrows.

How are you celebrating Pride this year?

By protesting and fighting for my Black siblings! We cannot stop until they are safe, housed, cherished, and the police are defunded. I’m very happy to see corporate pride go as we move into a new wave of queer liberation that focuses on the most marginalized. As a white queer person, I only have the rights that I do because of the Black trans women and nonbinary folks who made it possible, and for them I will never stop fighting.

What changes do you hope to see in the world in the next year? Five years?

I would love it if we could shift all funding away from the police and towards public health and safety. That’s large scale, obviously, and a lot has to happen for that to be accomplished, but I trust that we will keep fighting until it happens. On a smaller note, I would love for trans and nonbinary folks to be platformed. I want us to normalize sharing our pronouns and asking for pronouns and never assuming someone’s gender based on their appearance. I’d love it if we could easily change the gender markers on our IDs (or remove them altogether). I want to see progress towards a world in which queer people are loved and safe and protected and don’t have to worry about being ostracized because we aren’t palatable.

June 29, 2020

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