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Krishna is a makeup artist in Los Angeles.


Define yourself in three words.

Honest, introverted, artistic.

What are three things you can't live without? (Beauty products can be included, but they don't have to be!)

That’s really hard! If we’re talking beauty, my number one must-have product is a brow product. As a child of the 90s, I was one of the unfortunate ones who could never grow her brow hair back!

I’d also need a vitamin C product for overall brightening and tightening of my skin. And last, a really good moisturizing oil, like The Everything Oil. Over the last year, I’ve been really into using oils as my primary moisturizer instead of creams or lotions.

What prompted you to make the switch to safe makeup brands? I’m definitely still on that journey but I think over the summer of 2020, we all started to pay attention to where we spend our money and what types of brands we want to support. For me, trying to make the slow transition to supporting small businesses, women-owned businesses, BIPOC businesses, and sustainable/clean businesses has been a main focus.

What are your safe makeup and skincare favorites? I’ve been in love with Conceal + Correct. I use one color as my foundation and a darker color as my contour. The best!

What advice would you give for finding safe cosmetics?

I’d say, don’t beat yourself up about not getting it perfect right away. Like I said, it’s still a transition I’m slowly making but implementing switches a little bit at a time is the best way to not get stressed out about it.

What do you think makes someone a badass? Being confident, knowing yourself, being accountable, standing up for others, and being kind. That’s a badass to me.

How did you find your inner badass? By being true to myself but also trying to be self-aware and work on things I need to work on.

What's the last song you listened to?

"Gnossienne No.1" by Erik Satie, performed by Lavinia Meijer

Quick! You have five minutes to get ready to go out. What do you do with your makeup?

I’d dot my Conceal + Correct in shade 10 all over my face and do a quick blend with my fingers or a brush. Then I’d apply a little translucent powder all over because I can get very shiny. Next I’d apply a little blush just to add some color to the face. And then, the most important step, my brows. Can’t leave home without them! And finally, I’d throw on a couple swipes of mascara and finish with a tinted lip balm.

December 16, 2020

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