Woman with blue eyeshadow from Custom Eyeshadow Palette

Pressed Pigment shades shown here: Haze, Reflection, Gravity, and Dark Matter.

You could spend an hour and a half in the makeup aisle. $75 lighter (at least), and with a bunch of eyeshadow shades you'll never use. Or...you could build a Custom Eye Shadow Palette online, with colors that have been handpicked and hand mixed by our makeup-artist led team. We're giving you control over every shade: nude or bold, shimmer or matte, light or dark. And easy, $10 refills mean you'll never have a palette with two empty shades and four unused ever again.

We'll walk you through choosing your shades by building a palette together. The only trouble? Deciding how many palettes to buy. They’re so beautiful, getting one’s not enough (it never is).


1. CHeck out our shade guides

Give these graphics of our shimmer and matte shades a look, noticing which immediately catch your eye.


This is usually the best place to start, because these shades—which you'll mostly wear on your lids—are often the ones you'll immediately gravitate toward most. We tend to choose shimmer shades for this category, but if you're really feeling a matte shade for your lids, go for it! Just keep in mind the shades and undertones that tend to look best with your eyes and skin tone.

For our example, we'll choose the shades Envy, an olive gold shimmer, and Freckled, a neutral brown matte.


Next up, two mattes: one lighter matte, which you'll use in your creases and occasionally on your lids; and one darker matte, which you'll use as a more intense crease shade, eyeliner, and even brow powder. Consider which two matte shades might also complement the lid shades you chose in step two.

For this palette, we'll choose Peachy, a perfect peachy caramel crease shade, and Gravity, a deep navy matte.


Now, which shade would look best on the inner corners of your eyes and on your brow bones, to really make your look pop? We recommend a light-toned shimmer shade here that goes well with your other chosen shadow shades.

We're really feeling Royal, a pale pink shimmer.

5. choose one wild card shade

Let us guess: The previous five shades you've chosen were pretty practical. You picked shades you're drawn to often and that you're certain flatter you—shades you could wear every single day. Now forget all that. We think your sixth and final shade should be something fun, a shade you'd wear for going out, perhaps, or one you've never really tried before. It's time to experiment!

Our wild card shade will be Reflection, a silvery blue shimmer that's like a disco ball for your lids.

Done! Now let's see what our palette looks like completed:


Don't worry! That's exactly why we built our pre-made palettes. The Orchid Pressed Pigment Palette is our perfectly curated, cool-toned palette. And we've reimagined our iconic, warm-toned Sunrise Pressed Pigment Palette, now with improved pigment and sparkle in our Refillable 6-Pan Palette.

+ don't forget add-ons!

No eye makeup routine is complete without eyeshadow primer or a great eye brush. Our Locked Down Long Wear Eye Primer creates a soft-touch, blurring base for shadows and seriously boosts blendability, color payoff, and wear time.

Our fan-favorite Shade + Blend Dual-Sided Eye Brush has two ends: a flat shader panel to deposit intense pigment and sparkle, and a fluffy side for blending and adding shadow to your creases.

Which shades will you fill your palette with?

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