You've been begging us to make a facial cleanser since we first started making skincare, way back in 2020! (Remember 2020? Yikes.) Cloud Powder, our Gentle Waterless Cleanser, is finally here—and it probably looks a little different from the cleansers you're used to. That's because it's like nothing else out there. And that's a great thing! Here's everything you need to know about Cloud Powder.

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Cloud Powder Cleanser


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Because if the brands you love are launching new products without considering the environment, they're doing you—and our planet—a serious disservice. We didn't choose Earth Week to launch Cloud Powder, just because. For every 1,000 bottles made, 40 gallons of water are saved. Plus, the bottle is so lightweight without water, it drastically reduces shipping weight, and carbon emissions as a result.⁠ The environmental impact of Cloud Powder is multiplied even more because the simple-yet-powerful formula is made in-house at our Atlanta HQ: We're able to monitor waste much more closely than if the product was made by a manufacturer.

The fact that you'll never worry about getting through TSA with a big, bulky liquid cleanser again? That's just an added bonus.⁠


It's not often that we get to say a product is for everyone. But in the case of Cloud Powder, it's true! A gentle, non-stripping cleanse is ideal for all skin types. And because of the soothing ingredients—more on those in a sec—even the most sensitive, reactive skin types will feel deeply cleansed, but still nourished and soft to the touch. No dry or tight feeling, ever.⁠


Anyone else remember taking oatmeal baths as a kid? There's a reason colloidal oatmeal is perfect for baby skin: It's insanely gentle. We packed it into Cloud Powder because of its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to balance the skin's pH levels. Plus, it binds to the skin and locks in hydration, offering instant nourishment and protection.

Cloud Powder also features vitamin B5, otherwise known as panthenol. If you love hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 works in a similar way: Because it's a humectant, it pulls moisture from the environment and deep into the skin. As a result, skin is hydrated, soft, and smooth.

Last but (definitely) not least is mango extract. Rich in vitamins A and C and the antioxidant beta carotene, this multitasking powerhouse protects the skin from external aggressors like pollution and free radicals. It also gradually lightens dark spots and hyperpigmentation, smooths uneven texture, and can even help improve acne.



It's super simple! In the palm of your hand, mix a nickel-sized amount of powder with a few drops of water. Lather up between your palms for three to five seconds, then massage into wet skin and rinse clean. For a creamier formula, try less water. If you prefer more lather, add more water.

If you wear extra heavy makeup, use a makeup remover first, double cleanse starting with an oil cleanser, or cleanse twice with Cloud Powder.


You already know! Grab The Basics skincare set and we'll throw in a free makeup bag made from recycled water bottles. Besides Cloud Powder, the set includes:

H2Glow, our 3-in-1 hydrating, brightening, and refining serum. Packed with active concentrations of the hardest-working vitamins and botanical extracts—hyaluronic acid, vitamins B3 and B5, and organic willow bark and licorice extracts—H2Glow perfects skin and provides a plump, smooth finish for makeup.⁠

Balancing Oil, our potent-yet-gentle facial oil that helps regulate oil production, calm angry skin, and moisturize while delivering a mega dose of antioxidants. Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil, a main ingredient, has been used within medicine both internally and topically for thousands of years as a potent anti-inflammatory.


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