Welcome to our blog series, Clove Confessional. Call it our Southern charm: we don’t just want to make clean, pro-performance cosmetics in a vacuum. We want your help developing products from phase one. After all, you’ll be the ones using them to the last drop! Use this as an open forum to discuss what you love, what you’re not so into, and what you wish you could see more of. Just comment below.

An artist is nothing without their tools—and that goes for makeup artists, too. But there are so many choices to make when shopping for makeup brushes: Which brand? Which brush shape? Synthetic or natural? With all the options available, it's no wonder so many MUAs have dozens in their kit... and why so many consumers throw in the towel and just use their fingers instead.

This time around, we want to know: How many makeup brushes do you use? What are your favorite—or dream—ones like? Which ones would make your life way easier? Are they double-ended? Do they work for several areas of your face? And how much are you willing to spend?

Leave us a comment below, so we can brush up on all your preferences!

November 06, 2019

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