In the early days of CLOVE + HALLOW, I told everyone that my goal for this line was an aura of welcoming inclusivity. In other words, I wanted to create a very real sense of community around my brand – and with real women, not just with elite influencers. With this goal in mind, we recently launched the CLOVE + HALLOW Partnership Programs – a collection of three different programs to suit a wide range of interests and skills.

Keep reading for details on the programs and how to apply!

Are you an Influencer, Ambassador or Pro?

The Pro Program is reserved for professional makeup artists. Having used my makeup freelance career as the launching pad for CLOVE + HALLOW, it’s very important to me that we recognize and support makeup artists looking to add clean, cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics to their kits. To apply, simply fill out this application and email it to — we’ll be in touch within 3-5 business days with our decision. Once accepted, members of our Pro Program will get a 40% off discount code for purchases on as well as access to insider exclusives.

Our Influencer and Ambassador programs are Affiliate Programs and perfect for those of you who want to promote CLOVE + HALLOW in exchange for some sweet perks – like early access to new products, discounted product, and insider exclusives. All that we ask is that you share your love for CLOVE + HALLOW as much as you can!

The biggest difference between the two programs is that Influencers need a platform – such as an established YouTube channel, blog, Instagram, etc. – in order to receive free product and commissions from sales that their promotions generate. To apply for the Influencer program, complete this form.

To be an Ambassador, the only requirement is that you love CLOVE + HALLOW and want to share it with your friends and family (awesome, right?!) As an Ambassador, you will receive insider exclusives, early access to new product launches, and a steep discount code for all your purchases on To become an Ambassador, please complete this application.

On behalf of the CLOVE + HALLOW team, thank you for all your support. We are so excited to share this journey with you – and the perks ain’t too shabby either 😉


Sarah, Founder and CEO

September 17, 2019

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