Determining your undertone is a critical component of a great makeup look, but it’s so overwhelming! Pink, yellow, olive, neutral – how does one know? We have a few tips to help you out if you’ve sat there wondering, “what is my undertone?” This quick guide will give you some quick tips and tricks for determining your undertone, but when in doubt, go get matched by a professional at a beauty shop or mall!

First, a little background. As mentioned above, there are four main undertones: pink, yellow, olive, and neutral. We are going to focus primarily on pink and yellow because neutral is pretty obvious once you understand these (you’ll fall smack dab in the middle) and olive deserves a solo blog post to itself.

The Three Hacks:

  1. Observe your skin tone
    Look at your skin. I know it seems crazy simple, but some people are dead giveaways simply by observing their natural skin tone. If you pull pink, you are cool toned. If you pull yellow, golden or orange, you are warm toned.
    If glancing at your skin didn’t help you determine your undertone, try this next hack.
  2. Look at your veins
    Look at the veins that run through your wrist or crease of your elbow. If they look green-hued, you are probably a yellow undertone. If they look blue-toned, you are probably a pink undertone gal.
  3. Pay attention to clothing and jewelry tones
    We are intuitively drawn to the jewelry and clothing undertones that suit us. Silver jewelry tends to work best with pink/cool undertones and gold tends to work best with yellow/golden undertones. Muted, cool-toned shades like mauve and grey tend to look better on cool-toned skin, and warm-toned shades like copper tends to look good on warm-toned skin. Look at the jewelry you prefer and let that inform your conclusion.

CLOVE + HALLOW’s Founder and CEO, Sarah Biggers, took the time to share her tips for finding your undertone that she learned working as a professional makeup artist. Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide to determining your undertone!

February 21, 2018

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