What’s more festive for the Fourth of July than red lipstick? One that complements your skin tone like a dream. But from light to dark and warm-toned to cool-toned, picking the right shade can feel as likely as winning the lottery. And, hey, it happens! But instead of struggling through a hundred tubes, find your undertone below. (Need help with that? Check out our undertone guide here.) You’ll have a life-changing color in hand long before the fireworks start.


Classic blue-based reds or hues that toe the line between red and pink will pick up the rosy tones in your complexion, making your skin glow. Bonus: reds with a blue base make your smile look whiter, too!

We recommend: Lip Crème in Damsel or Lip Glaze in Spicy.


Golden undertones are crazy gorgeous, so why hide them? A feisty orange-red lip color will light up your skin like a sparkler.

We recommend: Lip Crème in Flaming Coral or Lip Velvet in Fiesta.


Okay, so you really did win the lottery: since your skin tone falls somewhere between cool and warm, any red you swipe on will pick up its complementary skin undertone. Instead, choose your red based on your style! Blue-based reds tend to look more classic while orange-reds are fun and fiery. Meanwhile, pinky reds feel a little romantic, and deep reds give off an edgy vibe.

We recommend: Lip Crème in Damsel, Flaming Coral, or Psych; Lip Glaze in Spicy; or Lip Velvet in Fiesta.


A deeper berry hue will seriously warm up skin with a yellow-green cast. And since you tend to tan easily, this color looks just as stunning when you’re a few shades darker.

We recommend: Lip Crème in Psych.

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October 16, 2019

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