When it comes to holiday gifts, some people are crazy easy to check off your list. (FYI, if you need a perfect starting point for them, you'll love our "Holiday Gifts For Everyone You Love" gift guide.)

Those people are awesome! Don't get us wrong! It's just that we all also have the trickier recipients in our lives. The people with some pretty specific passions, or at the very least, their own unique style. 

Thankfully, we're here to help. Just find the category below that sounds most like the person you're shopping for. You're welcome!

If they love makeup, they need our Brush Set Trio—whether they're a budding artist or a total pro. Our brushes are made to be durable and work with every product in their kit, from creams to liquids to powders. Plus, they're made in a sustainability-focused factory with vegan synthetic bristles and a handle crafted from Forest Stewardship Council-approved wood.

If they're crazy for lip products, our Luscious Lacquer Lip Serum in our new limited edition shade, Currant, will be their new go-to. A gorgeous deep wine with lavender reflects, it's ideal for any holiday event. And it's packed with lupinus albus seed extract at the level clinically proven to boost collagen production, giving them plumper, softer lips instantly and long-term.

This person's always on top of the latest wellness trends, from goat yoga to gemstone healing. Most likely, they've also experimented with a 10-step skincare routine. Show them how to pare down—without sacrificing results—with our Reset Duo. These two hydrating and healing essentials are everything they need.

And who doesn't instantly feel recharged slipping into the tub? Our Fragrance Trios come in three irresistible scents and feature a festive bath bomb, a candle to set the mood, and an organic perfume to keep the vibe going after they return to the real world.

Every badass needs a budge-proof, inky black liner for all the sweaty shows and dive bars they're frequenting. Enter Line + Define, our intensely pigmented liquid liner. Unlike other formulas, which use carbon black (a risky Prop 65 ingredient colorant) or charcoal powder, our formula is dreamily dark thanks to black iron oxide dyes. And Line + Define’s precision felt tip makes it easy to pull off everything from an edgy cat eye to dope graphic liner looks.

If they're a fragrance person, they'll go wild for our organic perfume in the Mystere scent. Just as its name suggests, it's woodsy and a touch mysterious, thanks to currant, cypress, amber, cedar, orange, and almond notes.

Let us guess: This person's got that very French "je ne sais quoi." Effortlessly chic and always put-together. It's slightly obnoxious, but true: They'll throw on one of our bold Lip Velvet shades with no other makeup and messy hair and look absolutely stunning. We recommend Roulette, our classic, cool-toned red that refuses to budge. See what a good friend you are?

If you want to throw in a little something extra, we'd definitely grab our brand new Boost-A-Brow product. Just a few swipes make brows instantly look naturally full and fluffy—and the blend of castor oil and active peptides stimulates hair growth over time.

Much like with their paint palette, the uber-creative in your life will use our Cream Colors to effortlessly sculpt and add color to their complexion. They'll also love the way their organic jojoba and rosehip oils nourish the skin and leave a gorgeous, dewy glow. Bonus points for the refillable compacts.

Which gifts will you be grabbing for the most

unique people in your life? Comment below!

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