The best things in life are free, but beauty products are a close second. Just one problem: As epic as beauty gifts are, they're also deeply personal—and therefore super easy to get wrong.

High risk? We don't know her. High reward? Absolutely. Because we've narrowed down the perfect makeup and skincare gifts for all the best people in your life. Get ready to be the most popular person at every holiday gathering.

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Give mama—and her skin—an instant refresh with our Glow Up Trio. What's included? First, H2Glow Hydrating Serum. Packed with active concentrations of the hardest-working vitamins and botanical extracts, H2Glow perfects skin and provides a plump, smooth finish for makeup. She'll also love the cool, rejuvenating feel of this superstar serum. It's like the skincare version of a hotel wake-up call.  Infinity Oil goes on after H2Glow. Since it's an oil formula, its 0.25% retinol—the gold-standard ingredient for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles—releases gradually. Translation: It's gentle on even the most sensitive skin.  Finally, our plumping, nourishing Lip Mask to soothe her lips and make her feel totally pampered.

And we've got just the lipstick shade for Mom, too: Lip Crème in Sugared Plum. So many of our 20- and 30-something staff members have gifted this shade to their moms, and it's a winner for a reason. It's the most flattering light berry shade within a creamy, nourishing formula—perfect for pretty much every occasion.

Your daughter will think you're the actual coolest when you gift her these creamy, dreamy cheek products, perfect for seamlessly creating a sculpted complexion worthy of a makeup artist. She'll also love the way their organic jojoba and rosehip oils nourish her skin and leave her with a gorgeous, dewy glow. Bonus points for the refillable compacts.

Is she more into lip products? You can't go wrong with our Red Lip Velvet Trio, which features our three bestselling holiday reds in our budge-proof Lip Velvet formula. It includes Fiesta, an orange-toned red; Roulette, a classic blue-toned red; and Sangria, a deep berry red.

Remember how we said beauty gifts are super personal? Skincare certainly is: Gift the wrong person an anti-aging or acne-fighting product and they could take it the wrong way. That's why our Skincare Trio is the ideal gift for sis, who knows you're just trying to help her pamper herself.  These exfoliating, hydrating, and healing essentials are everything she needs to create a simple yet insanely effective routine.

If you want to throw in a little something extra for her, we'd definitely grab our brand new Boost-A-Brow product. Just a few swipes make brows instantly look naturally full and fluffy—and the blend of castor oil and active peptides stimulates hair growth over time.

When you think about it, lip gloss has kind of been essential to best friendship since the dawn of time... or, at least, the 90s. Remember swapping vanilla cupcake-scented glosses in grade school, or grabbing your first big girl lippie together in high school? Consider Luscious Lacquer Lip Serum the next level-up: Choose from six gorgeous shades of long-lasting, highly pigmented,  collagen-boosting goodness she'll absolutely obsess over.

Speaking of vanilla cupcake glosses, we still love a sweet scent—but, you know, the more adult, sophisticated version. And we bet your bestie does too. Our limited edition candle in the Sugar, Sugar scent is perfect for her: Its rich gourmand notes of cinnamon, honey, caramel, cream, and tonka are drool-worthy in that 100% non-headache-causing way.

You know how high-pressure her job is. So why not make reaching for her lip balm one of her favorite treats of the day? Our Lip Mask feels like old-school petroleum jelly (A.K.A. deliciously smooth and soft), but has zero questionable ingredients. It'll even make her lips plumper over time, thanks to collagen-boosting lupinus albus seed extract. If you really want to spoil her, grab her our flake-banishing Lip Polish, too.

And who doesn't instantly feel recharged slipping into the tub? Our Fragrance Trios come in three irresistible scents and feature a festive bath bomb, a candle to set the mood, and an organic perfume to keep the vibe going after they return to the real world.

Which gifts will you be grabbing for the people you love?

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