Ever tried out a new makeup look that appeared awesome on somebody else only to look a bit odd on you? You may not be applying the proper makeup technique for your face shape. One of three things is likely to blame:

  1. Poor product choices. (Did you know CLOVE + HALLOW Pressed Mineral Foundation and Conceal + Correct double as amazing highlight/bronzer/contour products?)
  2. Simply needing more practice to master a new look.
  3. Incorrect techniques for your face shape.

Today we’re going to focus on face shape, which is awesome because it isn’t just important for makeup – it’s also critical to a great haircut!

Here’s a quick visual overview of the different face shapes out there. Don’t worry if you don’t fall squarely into one category – while many people can definitively determine their face shape, sometimes people (like myself) fall between two shapes. In that case, consider both.

What does this mean for your makeup? Well, for starters, it means that where you place your contour/bronzer, highlight, and blush makes a difference!

Let’s take it back to the basics…

Contouring/bronzing, highlighting, and blushing are meant to give dimension and shape to the face but can also be used to reshape the face. For example, if you have a round face, you might consider playing up a jawline contour in order to create a defined jawline, whereas someone with a heart or diamond face shape would likely try to soften up that area. With a round face, you might consider applying your blush a little further back on the cheeks to avoid emphasizing the roundness, while face shapes such as long, square and oval may want to bring their blush closer to the apples of the cheek in order to create visual roundness. Whereas someone with a round or square face may wish to contour the temples substantially to visually bring them inward, someone with an oval or diamond face shape would avoid darkening this area since their temples are already naturally narrower.

At the end of the day, makeup is art and also very personal. If you’re satisfied with your current routine or partial to a certain application technique, keep it! But if you’ve struggled to figure out where to place complexion products or wondered why something looked a little off, definitely consider your face shape!

April 11, 2018

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