Top Tips and Tricks on How to Fix Cakey Makeup

Ever do a mid-day mirror check, only to discover your makeup has transformed into that dreaded heavy, cakey look? Here's exactly how to fix cakey makeup, i.e. reverse it in four quick, easy steps—because cake is for birthdays, not for your face!

4 Steps on How to Fix Cakey Makeup

1. Remove the Excess Oil
How to fix cakey makeup when you are in a hurry? Start by addressing the oil that has accumulated on your skin throughout the day. Often, cakey texture is exacerbated by excess oil. Before you do anything else, pat away sebum with oil-blotting papers. (In a pinch, a toilet paper square pulled apart to maximum thinness will do the trick.)

2. Hydrate Your Skin with a Facial Mist
Second step to fixing cakey makeup involves hydrating your skin. Spritz your complexion with a facial mist or dot on a water-based serum. Extra points for one with illuminating properties, like our Hydraglow serum.

3. Blend the Hydrating Facial Mist with Makeup
Blend the mist or serum into the cakey makeup with a sponge or brush until your makeup looks smooth and even. Be sure to blend well so that you avoid any streaking or unevenness.

4. Spot Conceal for Additional Coverage
Rather than attempt to pile on foundation again—which could result in more cakiness—just spot-conceal where you need extra coverage using Conceal + Correct.

How to Fix Cakey Makeup by Prevention

One of the primary questions we often ask is "why is my foundation cakey?" One reason our makeup starts to look heavy is that we are often applying too much of the product. The best way to avoid this is to always start with a small dot sized amount and then work on adding more if necessary.

An additional reason for why our makeup may start to look cakey has to do with hydration of our skin. When our skin is dry, it often becomes flakey. The layer of dead skin coupled with drying properties of some foundations can further enhance the cakey look. For this reason, we recommend moisturizing and exfoliating in order to ensure that our foundation is able to be added effortlessly.

Other Tips on How to Fix Cakey Makeup

1. Consider Your Skin Care Regimen

We often rush our skin care regimen, and this may impact the look of our makeup throughout the day. Once we apply our moisturizer, it is important to allow some time for the product to sink into our skin. Fast forwarding this process means that our foundation can trap excess cream and make our foundation look cakey.

2. Be Sure To Choose the Right Foundation

Many foundations are prone to becoming cakey as the day goes on. If you feel that the brand you are currently using may be too heavy for your skin, feel free to switch to a lighter alternative or a natural option. We love using our Liquid Skin Tint that is breathable and stays fresh throughout the day.

3. Be Sure to Use the Right Tools
How we apply our makeup can make a huge difference! If we use our fingers, we may end up using too much of a product or fail to blend the makeup properly. For a smooth application, we recommend using a makeup blender sponge or a foundation brush.

4. Start with Smaller Amount of Product
Often times we may use more product than required. One of the main causes of the cakey makeup is that we overdo it when it comes to the makeup. We suggest using canceler where needed, but keeping the foundations light on those areas that don't require much coverage.

We hope that our tips on how to fix cakey makeup will prove useful and keep your foundation looking flawless throughout the day. Next, read up on the Eyeliner Styles.

October 16, 2019

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