There's pretty much nothing worse than spending extra time to get ready for a holiday party or night out on the town, only to realize your makeup wore off almost immediately. From my years of work as a makeup artist, I have a handful of tips and tricks that will increase the longevity of your look and help your makeup last all. Night. Long.

CHOOSE QUALITY PRODUCTS I know this seems obvious, but it really does make a difference. Quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive—in fact, there are some really high quality and effective drugstore products out there. Select products that have quality ingredients in them that you know work well with your skin. Not sure if a product has high-quality ingredients? If possible, grab a sample and swatch on the back of your hand. Look for an "off" or overly fragranced scent or a heavy, greasy, or chalky feel, and wear the swatch around for awhile. If it fades quickly or the color starts to oxidize (A.K.A. turn a shade or two darker or oranger), it's a no-go.

PUT IN THE PREP In order to make your face makeup last all night, I suggest a two-part prep process for all skin types. First, apply a primer all over your skin. (You can use a designated primer or a moisturizer that works really well with your skin type and skincare products.) Second, dust a setting powder over areas where you tend to get oily and apply your foundation and concealer on top of this layer. If you are oily, you can use these steps daily in order to control shine.

BLOT + POWDER YOUR LIPS Lipstick is usually one of the first products to fade away, thanks to talking, eating, drinking or —ahem—kissing. You can save yourself from worry and hassle by using a long-wear liquid lipstick like our Lip Velvet, but if you prefer a bullet lipstick, like Lip Crème, here’s what to do:

ALWAYS USE SETTING SPRAY Your final step is to create a barrier on your skin to prevent your makeup from transferring and fading. The best way to do this is with a dusting of setting powder, a spritz of a setting spray like Lock + Rock, or both.

I hope you all have the time of your life this holiday season! With these tips in your back pocket, you can make your makeup last all night through every holiday gathering and start the new year off right.

—Sarah Biggers-Stewart, CLOVE + HALLOW Founder and CEO

September 26, 2019

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