It's safe to say makeup and skincare mists are having a moment. It's easy to see why—they're one of beauty's most powerful multitaskers, since you can use them for so many different functions in your regimen.

Take our Lock + Rock Hydrating Priming + Setting Makeup Mist: Spritz it on before makeup to create the perfect, smooth canvas for your foundation. Use it after you create your full beat to lock your products in place. Feel like your makeup's getting cakey or melting away halfway through the day? Mist a little Lock + Rock on to completely refresh your look.

But those are just the basics. Read on for our favorite ways to take full advantage of mists like Lock + Rock—and get your makeup looking extra flawless.

Spray a full arm's length away from your face. This way, the mist is finer and evenly coats your entire face.

Spritz in an "X" or "T" shape across your face to ensure full coverage.

Always let it dry. This is especially true if you're using your mist as a priming spray. No makeup on wet skin!

If your mist is infused with shimmer, like Lock + Rock, spray it on before you get dressed. Or, drape a towel or cloth across your shoulders before you apply so no shimmer falls on your outfit.

Store your mist in the refrigerator. It'll be extra refreshing to apply on hot days or post-workout.

Dampen sponges with it. Obsessed with makeup sponges? Then you know you should dampen it before applying your makeup for the most seamless foundation finish. Instead of running it under the tap, spritz it with your makeup mist for added skincare benefits (and convenience—no running to the sink!).

Fix creased concealer. Spray a thin angled brush with mist, then use it to remove concealer from lines under and around your eyes.

Amp up your eyeshadow. Spritz a flat eyeshadow brush with your mist, dip it into a bold eyeshadow hue, and apply to your lids. It'll look way more pigmented... and stay put for hours.

Make DIY Under-Eye Patches. Saturate two cotton pads with mist, put them in a baggie, and refrigerate. Pop them under your eyes to instantly de-puff and brighten.

Give brows a natural boost. Don't like the look of overdone brows? Spray a spoolie with setting spray and use it to brush your brow hairs upward. It'll give a little bit of hold, but not too much.

August 31, 2020

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