Sure, you could decide on a Mother's Day gift for your mama based on what she needs, or—even more boring—what Hallmark says you should buy. But why not shake things up? Find the style icon below that matches your mom's vibe the most, then grab their correlating beauty staple. Easy-peasy and way more fun.

Bonus points for telling your mom on Mother's Day which beauty muse she's most similar to. We have a feeling she'll be super flattered!


Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet (A.K.A. Denise Huxtable, A.K.A. Zoë Kravitz's mom) is a bona fide, bohemian style icon—and a little birdie told us your mama is too! If you've described your mom as a total hippie, was in her teens or 20s in the 1970s, or swears by yoga and beaded jewelry, read no further.

Your flower power mom will love our Glow Up Trio of skincare essentials, which are packed with hardworking botanicals like black cumin seed oil, willow bark extract, and lupinus albus seed extract. After a few weeks using H2Glow, Infinity Oil, and Lip Mask, she'll see brighter, smoother skin with softened lines and minimized dark spots—plus the most nourished lips of her life!

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Glow Up Trio


Brigitte Bardot

Pretty much every woman envies Brigitte Bardot's effortless "je ne sais quoi" attitude toward beauty. Does your mom possess it too? If she's a Brigitte, she might love French fashion and cinema, rock a cat eye like it's her job, and dream about vacationing in Saint-Tropez.

Screen sirens like Brigitte Bardot know every woman needs just two lip colors: a classic red and a flattering nude. Grab one of each for her with our customizable budge-proof, smudge-proof, kiss-proof Lip Velvet Duo—we recommend the shades Roulette and Darling.

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Lip Velvet Duo



"Grandma"? Your mom prefers "Glam-ma," thank you very much. She's a Cher if she can't help but groove when a disco tune comes on, catches Moonstruck every time it's on TV, or uses hot rollers on the daily. After all, life's just one big party, isn't it?

Every disco queen needs a shadow palette packed with sparkly shades. Curate six that are perfect for her with our Custom Eye Shadow Palette. Our top shade recs? Goddess, a golden bronze shimmer; Haze, a silvery purple shimmer; and Blushing, a mid-tone rose shimmer.

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Custom Eye Shadow Palette



Gah, we envy you! Every kid wished they had a mom as badass as yours growing up. If she reminisces about CBGB, plays an instrument, paints, writes poetry, or just moves to the beat of her own drum when it comes to beauty and style, your mom's probably a Björk.

Help her paint her face with as much creativity as her canvas by gifting her our Brush Set Trio. It includes our Perfecting Buffer for blending face makeup flawlessly; our Precision Buffer for quickly and evenly blending concealer underneath the eyes and over blemishes; and our Shade and Blend Dual-Sided Eyeshadow Brush for creating every eye look imaginable.



Katharine Hepburn

Much like Katharine, your mom's a classic. She believes there's a certain way we're meant to do things, from tailoring the perfect suit or reading classic literature, to wearing minimalist makeup. And she's full of life-altering wisdom that always seems to get you through the toughest times.

What's more classic than a mirrored makeup compact? Pick one up for her along with a shade or two of our Cheeky Cream Colors. They give skin the prettiest, most youthful glow, and she'll feel like an absolute goddess touching up her makeup with it on-the-go.

Who is your mama's beauty muse?

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