As Americans—particularly the Black community—grieve the death of George Floyd and grapple with the racial injustice plaguing our country, we at CLOVE + HALLOW have been hard at work behind the scenes building both immediate and long-term advocacy initiatives.

We stand in solidarity with the Black community and those fighting racial injustice, but believe posting on social media without taking real, measurable action (A.K.A. "optical allyship") is unacceptable.

Transparency is imminently important, now more than ever. Here's exactly what we're doing:
1. We have donated $3,000 directly to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund.

2. From June 1st to July 16th, 2020—46 days, one day to represent each year of George Floyd's life—we are donating 10% of all sales to George Floyd's family. At the end of the 46 days, our Founder and CEO, Sarah, will be matching the donation amount.

3. We've compiled an evergreen database of advocacy resources that will live on our website in perpetuity. Here, we've included a directory of who to contact in each state and how, a guide on how to safely and successfully protest, a list of organizations to join or donate to, and a plethora of resources for further education of allies and advocates.

4. We're working on setting up long-term partnerships with non-profits that work tirelessly to truly move the needle. Details to come on exactly what this will look like, but it will be in the vein of our mental health initiative, in which 15% of all proceeds of our Lip Crème in the shade Psych is donated to the Georgia Chapter of Mental Health America. This partnership has been years-long with no plans to discontinue support in the future.

5. It was important to us to participate in the call to #pulluporshutup by @heysharonc. We believe all beauty brands have a responsibility to do so. Full details on our team are in the graphic below, and will be updated as progress is made.

If there are resources we missed, drop us a comment or DM us on Instagram @cloveandhallow.

Stay safe and stay strong.

June 09, 2020

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