Peace out, PSLs! This fall, we're all about PSM (pumpkin spice makeup). Not only is this monochromatic look fun and festive, it also stuns on every skin tone and eye color. Best of all, you only need one product to create a full face: our Sunrise Pressed Pigment Palette.

1. After applying foundation and concealer, swirl an angled cheek brush into the palette's brown shade. Use it to contour by sweeping it in the shape of the number three from temples to cheekbones and beneath the jawline.

2. Dip the same brush in the burnt orange shade, then the darker pink shade and apply on the apples of the cheeks. Then highlight your cheekbones with the shimmery cream shade.

3. Now for eyes: brush the orange shade on all over the lids, then buff the brown shade into the outer third of each lid and blend. Use a liner brush dipped in the brown shade to line your top and bottom lids. Finally, use the brown shade (and orange too, if you're a redhead) to fill in the brows with light strokes. Finish eyes with mascara, if desired.

4. Use a finger to tap a bit of the burnt orange shade in the center of your top and bottom lips, then swipe on lip balm and blot by rubbing your lips together.

October 16, 2019

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