Romance, power, money... What does the coming month have in store for you? And—almost as important—what should your glam be like for what's ahead? In our monthly horoscope series, we've got all the answers. Just find your sign below.


Happy birthday, babe! While you might feel obligated to have a big celebration of some sort, listen to what your gut really wants: a chill, cozy hangout at home with a few close friends. You're feeling particularly domestic this month, so lean into your desire to decorate, organize, and reflect on what your possessions mean to you. Oh, and about that birthday party: As lowkey as it'll be, you'll still want your makeup to be a party. Pop on our Lip Velvet in Fiesta, a bold, orange-toned red, for a fun look worthy of a birthday queen.


Oh, Libra, you're always such a charmer. But something about this month has you feeling a little less...shiny than usual, especially in social stuations. Don't worry, it'll come back! But in the meantime, focus on polishing up your relationship with yourself. Write in a journal; meditate; treat yourself to an awesome new outfit. Then, slather on a shimmery body oil like Glow + Go to nourish your skin and add a little sparkle back into your life.


We hope you're ready for romance, because this month is bringing the heat—and the stars are here to help. Single? You'll meet some suitors who will seriously boost your confidence. If you're in a relationship, every sweet or sexy gesture you make will be twice as impactful right now. It's the perfect time to give your lips a little love—and a flirty pop of color—with our Lip Glaze in Spicy.


We've got three words for you, Sag: Mix. It. Up. You're dying to do something different! First, assess whether your gut is telling you to change something about your job, your relationship, or your home life. Not that drastic? Try out a new hobby, play with new makeup, hang out with a new friend, move your furniture around. And while you're at it, experiment with a bright new lip shade. We have a feeling our Lip Velet in Napa, a bold fuchsia purple, will do the trick.


We're sensing that you're not quite feeling comfortable in your space, Cappy. Are you looking for a new home? A new apartment? A new roommate? Hold off on making any huge decisions until next month. For now, you'll want to focus on looking inward to really understand the changes you need to make. A facial oil with a fresh, herbaceous scent, like The Everything Oil, will help clear your head.


Lucky you! The universe has its arms completely open to you and anything is possible, especially at the beginning of the month. Old doors that have closed to you may have just unlocked, so think about anything in your past you may want to revisit. Now's the time to apply for a new job, reach out to an old love interest, or try to fix a relationship with a family member. Lip Crème in Desert Rose, a universally flattering nude, will give you the polished confidence you need.


It's all about family for you this month, Pisces. Spend a little extra time with family members you've been missing, or rekindling relationships that may have fallen by the wayside. The universe will allow you to deepen your connections in unexpected ways and, as a result, you'll feel extra collaborative at work, too. (So make sure you're extra prepped for any big meetings!) Amp up your eyes, which best display your compassion and commitment, with a few coats of FlexLash Mascara.


(MARCH 21 - APRIL 19)
So many fiery Aries constantly have a "go, go, GO" mindset. This month, force yourself to finally slow down and consider where you're heading. Instead of rushing into the relationship, impulse-buying that designer item, or starting drama with a friend, stop and assess your priorities. Write lists, go on walks, talk with a mentor... whatever you need to do to discover your deepest desires. While you finally get some rest, Conceal + Correct will disguise any lingering under-eye issues.


(APRIL 20 - MAY 20)
In the words of the iconic Donna Meagle: Treat yo' self. You're feeling luxurious, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with focusing on number one. So take the daily bath. Indulge in an expensive candle. Try the fancy bottle of wine. Meanwhile, give your complexion a little extra TLC, too. H2Glow Hydrating Serum deeply nourishes, brightens, and refines pores for the ultimate pampered glow.


(MAY 21 - JUNE 20)
You'll feel more social than ever this month—and you should definitely lean into it. Reconnect with friends you haven't seen in awhile, and ask them to bring along a new pal, too. And if you're single, this could be the perfect time to meet someone new out on the town. No matter what plans you make, you'll need a versatile eyeshadow palette, like our Sunrise Pressed Pigment Palette, for all those upcoming occasions.


(JUNE 21 - JULY 22)
People are like batteries. Sometimes they just need to sit down and recharge. This is your month to do so, Cancer, and get prepped for all the big things ahead. Look into new productivity methods that may resonate with you, grab a new planner and commit to keeping up with it, or color-code your iCal. Then pick up a lip product that's just as efficient as you: Lip Glaze in Angelic is the ultimate lip balm, lipstick, and lip gloss in one.


(JULY 23 - AUGUST 22)
Whether it's debt, loans, or trouble budgeting, you're having some financial difficulties right now. But even though it can feel taboo to discuss money, your family and friends likely have some really helpful advice to pass along. Don't be afraid to ask! If all else fails, consider booking a session with a financial advisor. Our Bronzing Powder will be an excellent reminder of the epic vacation you'll go on when all your accounts are in order.

September 02, 2020

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