Contrary to what fashion magazines would have you think, most shoppers have a high-low wardrobe—meaning they pair jeans from Target with that covetable Gucci belt without thinking twice about it. Sound familiar? Well, the same is true when it comes to beauty products, too. (We challenge you to peruse your medicine cabinet and count how many drugstore products you see next to your high-end favorites.)

Still, there's one cosmetic category where you should absolutely never skimp: foundation. Here's why shelling out the extra cash is worth it 100% of the time.

It covers your entire face.

Foundation is the only type of makeup that you apply from hairline to jawline and ear to ear, and a cheaply-made formula is likely to be loaded with pore-clogging, irritation-inducing ingredients (like certain silicones and artificial fragrance). So from the time you apply it to the moment you take it off, those ingredients are getting real cozy with the oil, dead skin, and debris within your pores—creating the perfect recipe for breakouts, redness, and sensitivity.

It's secretly skincare.

On the flip side, many slightly more expensive formulas are infused with complexion-loving ingredients (though this isn't always true, so definitely make sure to check any product's ingredient list before buying). Think of your foundation as the last step in your skincare regimen, rather than the first step in your makeup routine. Our Liquid Skin Tint features glycerin and sunflower seed wax to nourish the skin, plus natural clays that keep oiliness at bay... and at $26, it's still more wallet-friendly than many foundations.

It determines how the rest of your makeup looks...

Imagine a house that has a not-so-sturdy foundation (pun intended). No matter how gorgeous the color is that you use to paint the walls, or how many beautiful pieces of art you hang up, eventually the walls will start crumbling and that paint and decor won't look so hot. The same is true of your makeup foundation: Spend a little extra on a formula that really amplifies your skin's own stunning-ness (is that a word? Now it is) and your contour, highlight, eye makeup, and lip makeup will look all the more expensive... even if it's straight from the drugstore aisle.

...And allows you to get away with doing less.

You know the saying that a bold lipstick can immediately make you look pulled together? These days, we're more inclined to feel that way about a bright, healthy complexion. That's one big reason so many top celebrities and influencers are focused on skincare, and why you'll see way more bare-faced photos online than you would have ten years ago. But we all have subpar skin days—and that's where flawless foundation comes in to help you fake it. For example, add a pop of blush and a coat of mascara with our Pressed Mineral Foundation and you'll look instantly polished—no complicated eyeliner or lip looks necessary.

Pricier options are easier to shade-match.

We've all been the victim of a drugstore foundation snafu, thanks to the inability to test shades out before taking them home. That's usually not the case with slightly pricier brands, which are available in stores that allow you to swatch to your heart's content. Plus, these brands—like CLOVE + HALLOW—tend to offer more resources to help with virtual shade-matching. (As a reminder, you can always email for help!)

July 13, 2020

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