So, you've figured out the lippie that perfectly corresponds to your Enneagram type and your astrological sign. Consider your Myers-Briggs type even more accurate? Find your type below (or take the test here) to discover the beauty product that'll give you life this spring.


Did you know that you're one of the rarest Myers-Briggs types? (INTJs make up just two percent of the population!) You don't come across people as strategic yet imaginative as you often. You're ambitious, decisive, and you have a plan for everything. Incorporate Liquid Skin Tint into your routine, and you'll be able to get through your entire to-do list without worrying whether your makeup is staying put or breaking you out. Its staying power is derived from natural clays!


You're thirsty... for learning, that is. INTPs are known for their scientific inventiveness. The proof? Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton are both part of your crew. Next time you're studying up for a big discovery, quench your thirst for knowledge and your lips simultaneously with Lip Glaze in Spicy, which is loaded with nourishing olive oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter. Its bold raspberry hue will help you and your ideas stand out even more.


Leaders of the pack, we salute you! Your confidence, rationality, and charisma could have the entire world rallying around outlawing baked goods, if you so decided. (But please, do us a favor and don't go there.) You'll know exactly what to do with the six warm-toned shades in our Pressed Pigment Palette, which are versatile enough to be used all over your face. You'll look so gorgeous, you'll have everyone around you asking for a step-by-step.


Let us guess: You're the person at the party heatedly debating over everything from Coke vs. Pepsi to the best plan of action for ending climate change. You're not just a deep thinker—you know change doesn't happen without convincing others to join you, too. And often, you find yourselves in arguments just for the fun of it. Lip Crème in Psych is exactly the lip color you need to amplify your inner brainiac.


Hey, dreamy! We know your head is often in the clouds—usually thinking about how you can help others—but what's special about you is that you don't stay there. You're completely capable of coming back down to earth to take measures to enact real change. But when you arrive back earth-side, dab Hydraglow in Galaxy on the high points of your face as a reminder to let your mind wander into space again. (It's one of your greatest assets!)


You look for the good in even the most challenging people and circumstances, which is why you're considered the Mediator of the Myers-Briggs types. However, you're often misunderstood, especially when people incorrectly judge you as overly subdued. (Your deep excitement and passion for the things and people you care about most is intense.) Makeup Melt's coconut oil and sweet almond oil will be as gentle on you and your skin as you are on others.


Like ENTJs, you're a natural-born leader. Many politicians and teachers count themselves as ENFJs, including Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey (and who doesn't want to be just like Oprah?!) The moment you open your mouth, you inspire legions to do better for themselves and the world—and a classic red lippie, like Lip Crème in Damsel, will only amplify what you have to say.


You're the definition of a free spirit, and everywhere you roam, you easily make friends and shine in your social circle. (Credit here to your intuition, which helps you read others like a book.) But as much as you gain strength from socializing with others, you're fiercely independent. Lip Glaze in Bubbly may as well have been named for you—and this pale peachy nude is as universally beloved as you are.


Just because ISTJs make up 13 percent of the population (more than any other Myers-Briggs type), doesn't mean you're average. You're uncharacteristically devoted to the people in your life and the causes you've committed yourself to, and you're probably the core of your family and work team. You're also crazy reliable, just like Conceal + Correct (which also happens to be our most popular product). Apply it, set it, and forget it—and you'll look flawless all day long.


You're as warm and dedicated as they come, which is why you're well-equipped to be in the medical field or part of charitable work. You're extremely sensitive and go above and beyond to take care of the people you love. Hydratint in Georgia, a rosy nude cheek hue, radiates warmth just like you... and even gives your skin a little extra TLC, thanks to meadowfoam oil and hyaluronic acid.


It's no wonder you're the same Myers-Briggs type as Sonia Sotomayor and Judge Judy: law and order are hugely important to you. You value tradition and justice, and have an innate ability to bring people together in the name of doing good. Do your loved ones consistently reach out for your advice, even on the trickiest matters? We're not even a little surprised. Like you, people trust The Everything Oil's four minimal, hard-working ingredients to be a shining light of clarity.


In a word, you're popular. If you weren't a football player or cheerleader in high school, you were at least constantly surrounded by tons of friends. As an adult, you find yourself choosing between all the parties you've been invited to, and when you arrive to one of them, you're the center of attention. Consider our Lip Crème in Desert Rose the quarterback of our lip lineup: a neutral, mid-tone nude that's beloved by all.


The world is your DIY project, and you're the creator. Often the type of engineers and mechanics, ISTPs thrive when working with their hands. You're curious and inventive, and have multiple projects going on all at once. When you make a mistake, you have no reservations about taking things apart and starting over—and the same applies to your relationships, too. You're one of few that has the imaginative spirit to rock Lip Velvet in Jetsetter, a bold, deep navy hue.


Honestly, we're super jealous you share a Myers-Briggs type with Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and Lana Del Rey. You're as artsy as they come, but not at all overly idealistic. You'd rather use your creativity to push the world forward. You're beloved for your sense of adventure and spontaneity, so experiment with a mascara that's breaks all conventions. FlexLash defines and lengthens lashes with absolutely no heavy feel or flaking.


You're not one to sit around waiting for your big break. You'd much rather take a leap and clean up the mess later. Your big ideas are only amplified by your ability to draw a crowd, and you thrive entertaining a group of people and making everyone around you laugh. It would be no surprise if you become famous one day, so bring along Bronzing Powder to get your complexion camera-ready.


The personality type of Marilyn Monroe, Adele, and Miley Cyrus—all people who adore entertaining and do it with the utmost style. You can frequently be found breaking into song and dance, and because you also have a sharp aesthetic eye, you were born to become an A-list celebrity. Don't hit the red carpet without Lip Velvet in Fiesta, a bright orange-red that commands almost as much attention as you.

April 08, 2020

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