If you do a google search for toxic makeup ingredients, what to avoid in my makeup and skincare, or chemical free makeup (which always makes me laugh, since even water is a chemical), there is no shortage of blog posts and articles with answers.

So why is CLOVE + HALLOW publishing another one?

Because the CLOVE + HALLOW's stance on clean cosmetics is a little different (read this article to understand what I mean) and many of our customers are new to the space and looking for a short-and-sweet list that can put into practice immediately.

So instead of providing you with all of the possible toxic makeup ingredients that may be lurking in your products, we’ve decided to simplify with a list of the five toxic ingredients you should always avoid in your personal care products. Beyond these, you should decide where your own personal line in the sand is and purchase products that fit within those parameters.

So, without further ado, here are the five toxic makeup ingredients that you should never let near your skin:

Of course, CLOVE + HALLOW cosmetics never contain the above toxic makeup ingredients and are PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan, too. We’re not into fear-mongering, but we highly suggest combing through the products you use regularly to toss out any that contain the ingredients above.

We’ll create a more in-depth list down the road for those of you who are really invested (and willing to invest) in clean personal care goods. What are some of the big bad toxic makeup ingredients on your list to avoid?

– Sarah Biggers, Founder and CEO

September 26, 2019