Shade + Blend Dual-Sided Eye Brush

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A pro makeup artist-approved brush for the eyes, crafted in a sustainable factory with vegan fibers and Forest Stewardship Council-approved wood. Once you experience its perfecting powers, trust us: You’ll never go back to your old tools.

Use the fluffy crease brush on one end for blending and creating a soft wash of color, then flip to the flat shader panel to deposit serious pigment.

THE ONLY EYE BRUSH YOU NEED. Two brushes in one mean you’re covered for every possible eye look—and both quickly and flawlessly blend shadows of all consistencies and finishes.

THE ULTIMATE MULTITASKER. Also ideal for filling in brows and applying lip color.

DEVELOPED BY A PRO MAKEUP ARTIST. Our brushes are made to be durable and work with every product in your kit, whether you’re a pro or just starting out.

FINALLY, GUILT-FREE TOOLS. Made in a sustainability-focused factory, the vegan, synthetic bristles are attached to a handle crafted from Forest Stewardship Council-approved wood. shade-and-blend-dual-sided-eyeshadow-brush

Vegan, synthetic bristles, Forest Stewardship Council-approved wood.

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Why do some of your products contain synthetic ingredients?

Our focus is on creating clean cosmetics that do not compromise on safety or quality. We start off with all-natural formulas and supplement with safe synthetics only if needed in order to achieve optimal pigmentation, preservation, or performance. To learn more about the safe synthetics we use and why, please visit read about the Clean15 and read this post.


  • Use the fluffy side to apply a light wash of color or to blend shadow into creases.
  • Switch to the flat panel brush to deposit intense pigment or glitter, or to add eyeliner.
  • Also try using Shade and Blend to fill in brows or apply lip color.
  • High-quality, durable brush never sheds during application and stands the test of time.

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