CLOVE + HALLOW is an award-winning vegan cosmetics line spearheaded by professional makeup artist Sarah Biggers-Stewart to deliver the performance you expect at the price point you deserve - with ingredients your skin will love. We know the badass babes wearing our products don’t compromise, so we don’t either. 

We partner with only the top manufacturers in the United States (while formulating in compliance with the EU's stricter safety regulations) and consult with a diverse global network of beauty experts. Even with our high standards, though, we take a smaller margin than other brands to deliver products that look and feel luxe—without the luxe price tag. As a result, CLOVE + HALLOW has transformed into an international powerhouse, garnering praise from customers, editors, and influencers worldwide.

Our Founder and CEO’s background as a professional makeup artist means our foundation (pun intended) is built upon best practices and a real-world understanding of how cosmetics should perform. Using that knowledge, we carefully consider every aspect of our brand and product lineup to ensure we are aligned with our values:

1. Using 15 or fewer safe ingredients to achieve minimalist formulas that deliver maximum impact is totally possible. (read more about our Clean15 philosophy here).

2. Bold, inclusive shade ranges with show-stopping pigment and all day wear should be the standard, not the exception.

3. Marrying the power of plants and botanicals with the power of science and technology is the future of beauty.

4. Safety takes precedence over purism. Money matters, but transparency and trust is a far more valuable currency.

5. Businesses like ours can (and should) operate with a “do no harm” philosophy encompassing safety, sustainability, and affordability.  

This is Beauty Without Sacrifice™. So now the only question is:

Nude lipstick or bright red? (Don’t worry: we have both.)

Welcome to CLOVE + HALLOW!