Let’s get real: beauty has never been more confusing. There are no universally accepted definitions of “clean,” “green,” or “natural” in cosmetics. And just as often as conventional brands pack their products with synthetics while falsely advertising them as natural, many clean beauty companies utilize fear-mongering tactics to scare consumers into purchasing their products.

Enter: CLOVE + HALLOW’s Clean15™ formulation strategy. Developed to cut through the clutter, this standard serves as our formulating guidepost and guarantees that every product we create contains 15 or fewer safe ingredients per base formula.

What constitutes “safe”? Good ole data, in the form of third party clinicals, panel reviews, proprietary studies, meta-analyses, stability, irritation, and preservative efficacy testing, and toxicology profiling for each product we release.

Yeah, we mean business around here.


We appreciate that you, our customer, are committed to being conscientious consumers—but we also understand that you have a life, too. Minimalist formulations protect against a laundry list of ingredients for you to sort through and ensure every formula is packed with impactful ingredients only. Formulating this way pushes us to be thoughtful and intentional, and provides our customers with peace of mind.

Read more about our formulation process. If you ever have a question about a specific ingredient, we encourage you to learn more about it in our ingredient glossary, no PhD required.

Still have questions about Clean15™? Contact our customer support team at cs@cloveandhallow.com. We’re here to help!