After graduating from an engineering institute, I felt disconnected from the traditional paths of law, medicine, and consulting that were before me, so I followed my gut instead by going into the beauty industry as a freelance makeup artist.

Truthfully, I never intended to make my own cosmetics line. But what started out as an exciting career doing makeup for magazines, commercial clients like NBC, Delta, Coca-Cola, and hundreds of brides, came to a grinding halt when I was suddenly struck by a mystery illness. Vertigo, short term memory loss, and an inability to stay awake for more than a few hours at a time—compounded by severe depression and debilitating panic attacks—left me bedridden for months on end.

I visited doctor after doctor after doctor, but had very few answers. Out of desperation, I went down a path I had never before considered: holistic medicine. With some diagnoses under my belt and a treatment plan to match, I began feeling like myself again and was back at work within 30 days. This eye opening experience made me hyper aware of ingredient safety and quality, and I became obsessed with natural beauty products.

In 2015, there was a huge gap in the market for clean beauty products that actually worked. The products for sale forced me and my clients to recalibrate our expectations—everything was too sheer, too limited in shades, too expensive, and dare I say...boring? That’s when I knew I could do better, so in 2017 I launched CLOVE + HALLOW, an award-winning clean beauty brand that has since been featured in Oprah’s O List, Allure, Good Housekeeping, and on Good Morning America.

Today, I am a new mother with a renewed passion for encouraging womxn to see themselves for the badasses that we are and creating products that move the needle towards better. Returning to my science roots, I am now a makeup artist and a data-driven product formulator, developing most of our formulas right here in our Atlanta-based production studio. Rather than focusing on “natural” or “clean”—fearmongering labels that no longer resonate with me—I have one multi-pronged goal: create luxe products that use ethical and efficacious ingredients, utilizing sustainable packaging and manufacturing practices that lessen the load on our planet, with robust safety testing from start to finish.

When you shop CLOVE + HALLOW, you’re directly supporting a small business doing its part to make a better future through sustainability, ingredient minimalism and transparency, and small batch production.

Sound too good to be true? We promise it isn’t. Welcome to Beauty Without Sacrifice™.