It’s obvious but true: Makeup and skincare are the least of our worries if we destroy our planet. CLOVE + HALLOW is thoughtfully developed in the USA with a “do no harm” philosophy encompassing safety and sustainability to move the needle towards a better future. Although there is no perfect solution and no form of manufacturing is truly zero waste, we continue to improve our products and processes in ways that reduce the environmental impact of doing business.



When it comes to packaging, we prioritize post-consumer recycled plastics but also utilize bioplastics, infinitely recyclable glass, and refillable options. Refer to individual product pages to learn more about the sustainable materials they’re made with, and keep reading for more information on how to recycle our products.

CLOVE + HALLOW is a Certified Net Plastic Neutral company through our partnership with rePurpose Global.  For every pound of plastic we use as a company—for packaging, production materials, shipping materials, and even office supplies—we remove an equal amount of low-value plastic from landfills. (What’s low-value plastic? The kind that most likely wouldn’t be recycled if we weren’t doing it.)

When you’re checking out, don’t forget to choose carbon-neutral shipping, provided by Cloverly



When it comes to evaluating the safety of any ingredient—natural or otherwise, and for both ourselves and the planet—context is critical. Without paying attention to the full ingredient list, the concentration of each ingredient, the function of the ingredients (such as pigment, preservation, or performance), the application method, packaging, and more, it’s difficult to adequately assess the benefits and risks of a raw material. 

That's why we refer to peer-reviewed studies, third party testing, and advice from experts such as cosmetic chemists and a variety of health professionals before rushing to label certain ingredients good or bad. 

Once we decide to move forward with an ingredient, it is reviewed for safety and purity on its own, then again in the finished formula. Our commitment to Clean15™  means we only release products that are compliant with our internal safety standards as well as stricter EU regulations (and, yes, we are certified to sell in the EU). This process allows us to create high-performance cosmetics that safely harness the power of active naturals and functional synthetics.


A few examples of what you won’t find in our products: parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and flavor, talc, PEG-s, formaldehyde-donors, and more. We’ve eschewed these ingredients because there are many other ingredients that we feel are better aligned with our values - and probably yours, too.

Parabens: We won’t demonize all parabens. They are one of the most widely studied and effective preservatives out there. However, some Studies suggest parabens may pose problems when it comes to our hormonal balance and even fertility. For example, parabens may mimic oestrogen, causing the oestrogen hormone to increase cell division in breasts, leading to tumors. They may also cause skin irritation.

Phthalates: According to the CDC, phthalates are a family of chemicals used to soften and make plastic more durable. They can be ingested through food or drink, but exposure can also occur when breathing them in. We stay away from them because they may cause damage to the liver, reproductive system, kidneys, and lungs.

Synthetic fragrance and flavor: We stay away from synthetic fragrances and flavors due to their skin irritating properties. According to the National Institute of Health, products containing fragrance can cause adverse health effects.

Talc: Even though some people can tolerate talc, we decided to avoid it. The mineral has been shown to have adverse side effects, especially if swallowed or inhaled accidentally. Additionally, it can cause irritation and redness if it reaches your eyes.

PEGs: Although PEGs are often used in cosmetics as a binder, stabilizer, or absorption agent, they are highly controversial. We avoid them because of their ability to penetrate skin, absorb into the body, and help other chemicals do so as well.

Formaldehyde-Donors: According to the American Cancer Society, some studies suggest that the use of formaldehyde can increase risk of a certain type of leukemia (myeloid leukemia). It can also cause eczema, itchy eyes, and trouble breathing.

Mineral oil: We avoid mineral oil due to its ability to clog pores and exacerbate acne problems.

Hydroquinone: Hydroquinone can cause skin to become dry, red, and sensitive.


Please consider the planet before throwing out your CLOVE + HALLOW empties.

OUTER PACKAGING: Toss your product boxes straight into the recycling bin.

LIPSTICK TUBES: Scrape out any remaining product, rinse clean, and put in recycling.

ALUMINUM PANS: Scrape out any remaining product, rinse clean, and put in recycling.

REFILLABLE COMPACTS: Keep these and refill with a new product pan.

EYESHADOW PALETTES: Scrape out any remaining product and put in recycling. (Don’t rinse: wet cardboard can keep palettes from being recycled.)

PRODUCTS WITH WANDS + OTHER APPLICATORS: Throw away the wand, then rinse out the tube and recycle.

GLASS PRODUCTS: Throw away any pumps, sprays, or droppers. Scrape out any remaining product, rinse clean, and put in recycling.